The editing system uses CKeditor. Details on its use are below.
  1. Most editing tools are straight forward—simply highlight the text you wish modified and use the buttons or drop down menus of the toolbar to apply your style, add hyperlinks etc.
  2. To modify an applied style—a link for instance—right click the item in the editing window to show the options.
  3. Hyperlinks are set by default to open in a new (_blank) window. This option should not be changed from the default.
  4. You can familiarise yourself with the system by filing items to the 'Sandbox' category— these are not published live. To view your items on the Sandbox, click the Sandbox link on the top menu.
  5. The system allows items to be filed for the attention of an editor, or scheduled for automatic publication at a specific date or time. In such cases they do not appear live until either an editor has attended to them or the scheduled publication date/time is reached.
For better security and control of this publishing system there are six types of user-levels. Each user-level has limited permissions in doing specified actions. These permissions can only be changed by an administrator.
The user-levels are as follows:
  1. Administrators—can do anything they want: edit others’ posts, comments, ban users, edit system configurations and everything else
  2. Editors—allowed to post, can edit own posts and if given editing rights, edit posts from all other users. Editors can also approve posts added by 'journalists'
  3. Journalists—this level is for users who only need to post . They have no editing rights. When a journalist adds a new article it can be marked active or instead marked as 'Unapproved'. Admin or an editor must approve unapproved articles for them to be visible. Posts can also be scheduled for date specific publishing.
  4. Reporter—this level is assigned to new contributors who progess to journalist when fully approved.
  5. Commenters—when users from this level login, they are allowed only to change their passwords. Cannot post, edit or perform any other action. This is useful when a user wants their username to be password protected when posting comments and for no one else to be able to post with that username. Unregistered users may be denied access to post comments.
  6. Banned—has abused access and cannot do anything